Hi, my name is Toni Nowlin. I’m 51 years old, and I am an engineer at a large oil company.  However, my passion is everything related to home decor and home services.  I have a deep understanding of every aspect of home building and home maintenance.  I sometimes even do side work as a local handyman.

I love to inform people around the world and point them to answers about many solutions related to your home, from how to save money all the way to fixing your broken washing machine.  Although I love home decor, it is not my expertise.  That is where my wife, Juliana, comes in.  She has a consulting company and is an expert on home decor.

You can find a lot of the latest news on home repair here  as well.

So thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello.  We hope you come back often for insights and opinions on  your home needs.

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