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Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar Outdoor LightsWhen looking for improvements you can get done in your home for better energy-efficiency, you may start considering switching your regular exterior lighting to outdoor solar lights. There are plenty of solar light products on the market today and your choices are simply limitless. With different designs, colors and sizes to choose from, you can definitely transform your home’s exterior from nothing out of the ordinary to something that would wow your family and your guests.

Why You Need Outdoor Lighting

It is very important to invest on outdoor lighting. First of all, it will give you the light you need when you’re outside after the sun sets. You won’t have to trip on plants or stones just because you can’t see them in the dark. Furthermore, having a well-lit home is essential for you family’s safety. Intruders would think twice about entering a property that will certainly reveal their presence, just because your home stays bright even after dark. Continue reading

Planting Grass Seeds

Seeding a garden or yard can be a lot of fun as well as add value to your home. The process of planting grass seeds is simple and anybody can do it without professional help. However, effective steps should be followed by homeowners to ensure you are successfully planting grass seeds.  Nothing can make your home come to life like a beautiful lawn, along with a little love for your home’s landscape.

These are the 3 main factors to consider in planting grass seeds:

  1. Time of year
  2. Quality of the seeds
  3. Soil preparation

Time of the Year

Timing is very important and crucial when it comes to planting grass seeds. The best time is usually in the fall, as well as the spring. If you complete the planting in the fall, then the sowing will be done in a very efficient manner before the first frost begins, permitting the seeds to germinate. This is the best way to ensure a successful lawn or garden. Here are some additional quick fixes to improve your home.

Seed Types for Home Garden Use

The real difference between seeds and seedlings is that seeds are embryonic plants covered with seed coats (outer layer), and are planted in the ground to develop new plants, while seedlings are actually young plants. When seeds are sprouted in your home garden, they become seedling. Biologically, seeds are more effective for planting in the inside on your home; on the other hand, seedlings are suitable for both inside and outside. Seedlings need “hardening” prior to the outside plantation. Seeds, on the other hand, are best germinated to make seedlings by covering them in a wet paper towel, or in an indoor seed tray.  Learn more about seedlings here.

Completely Different

Gardeners easily identify seeds, as well as the seedling, without any trouble, as both are extremely different in appearance because of different development stages of their lives. Seedlings are young plants, typically composed of a single stem following a couple of tiny leaves. Seeds are hard and small, usually black or brown color. Basically, seeds are just like eggs inside a female’s womb, as well as seedlings are like developing fetus. Obviously, the components or ingredients within a particular type of seed and seedlings are the same; however, they are not the same due to their stage of development. If you are planning to grow vegetables at home in a home garden, it would be recommended to learn the difference.


Of course, the variations in caring also come from the natural differences between seedlings and seeds. For instance, an indoor environment in your home or home’s back patio are ideal for developing a seed into a seedling due to more control over the usual environmental factors like moisture, sunlight, and temperature. The germination process can be started by planting seeds in the soil through a seed tray or placing them in a moist paper towel. Keep in mind that seeds are sensitive and need more care while growing or germinating. Due to their sensitivity level, they can be damaged by a lot of factors, so proper care is necessary, and always use the comfort of your home’s controlled environment to facilitate proper growth.


The seedlings as well as the seeds should be grown differently according to the different factors. However, seedlings are usually ideal outside, such as your home’s backyard garden. Why? Because it allows more exposure to sunlight and enables the seedlings to grow more quickly and much larger. There is a process called “hardening” which should be followed for a smooth transition. Before moving the seedlings outside forever, this process is endured, which is completed by taking the seedling outside in the day and bringing them into your home before night.

One of the major differences between seeds and seedlings is, seeds are better covered while seedling can get hurt if covered. Seedlings can be easily damaged due to humidity, which result in producing many kinds of aphids and fungi. Once the seeds are sprouted, they’ll become seedling and they require fresh air. Both are ideal for growth and germination at your home, it is simply a question of whether it is inside and in your backyard garden outside.

Now that we have discussed garden seeds, click here to learn about lawn seeds.

Tree Removal for Improving Your Landscape

Tree removal can be a challenging task, and one should not do it if he or she is inexperienced. Best case scenario, a botched tree removal could basically cause a regrowth of the culpable tree from an incorrectly handled stump.  However, missteps could likewise prompt harm to homes, autos, electrical cables, and individuals, which is very unwanted. Many areas have tree removal companies who are sticklers in trimming or taking out trees.

We have used this company in the past, and they do a great job and seem very honest to work with.  The owner is a really fun guy, but very good at his job.  You will save money if you do this yourself, but it can be a very dangerous job and might not be worth the savings.  The biggest thing is understanding the fall path once the tree is cut down.

Reasons for Tree Removal

The reasons of tree removal may vary according to the different situations.  A tree could be in the way of organized activity such as installing a garden, constructing an addition to your house, or a hazard to your home or driveway.  Trees which are overshadowing homes are also not safe as they pose a safety risk if they start to die. Power companies also uproot trees to secure the integrity of their power lines, as well as trees might become a hassle when their roots begin to agitate.  Here are the main reasons for tree removal:

  • Tree hazard
  • Roots that are threatening your foundation
  • Tree that are encroaching on a play area

Assessment of Tree Removal

A normal tree removal begins with a physical assessment of the tree, its position, as well as its location. The tree remover has to plan in advance for safety assurance, and to safeguard people and property. The path of fall also needs to be accurately calculated, especially when the tree is close to power lines or a house. There are many troubles and problems related to the tree removal.  However, you can eliminate all the guesswork if you hire a tree removal contractor or use a tree removal service.  They are the professionals with the proper experience and equipment.

Stump Removal

Most of the people also choose to remove the stump after the process because some trees can regrow around the stumps, and they also don’t look very attractive. However, uprooting the stump is not easy. It requires mechanical equipment to dig it out. Explosives can also be used, but this method is only allowed for licensed contractors.

Final Thoughts on Tree Removal

There are a few cases in which tree removal can be done at low cost or completely for free. If a tree threatens phone lines, sewage lines, power lines, and other utilities. In such cases, the utility will pay for tree removal. The municipality will provide free service if the trees are dead due to a disease. If the tree is threatening your personal property, then you will have to pay for it, as it is your responsibility to pay the cost of removal.  Either way, it is best to have unsightly trees removed, as they will always become a bigger and bigger problem as time goes.

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