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Can I Afford Solar Installation?

Can I Afford Solar InstallationCan I afford solar installation? Solar energy is an excellent choice when you’re looking for an alternative source of power for your home that’s both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. However, it is also common knowledge that solar installation costs can be quite high. That’s why many would just not opt to even try talking to a solar contractor at all. 

Solar is an Excellent Investment

Solar is an excellent investment for your home because it pays for itself over time. Sure, installation costs can be quite large, but the amount of monthly savings you get with the decreased energy bills you have are going to pay those installation costs eventually. You might not feel those savings in the beginning but in a few years’ time, you will see the return of investment.

Also, homes with solar panels installed sell higher than other homes without solar. The value of your real estate increases when you have a solar-powered home. So yes, it is definitely a great investment. 

Solar Costs – How Can I Afford Them? 

It is great to know that most states offer tax incentives and credits when you use solar power for your home. It’s one way that the government can encourage residents to use a cleaner source of energy. 

Can I afford solar installation? When you speak to a solar contractor in your area, you can also ask them about financing options. More often than not, these contractors are working with financial institutions that help residents get loans for solar installations. This way, even if you don’t have bulk cash on hand, you can get help to have your solar panels installed already. 

Are you looking for other ways to have a more energy-efficient home? Insulation is also a must-have. Read about the importance of having an insulated home.

Is a Solar Water Heating System Cost-Effective?

solar water heatingSolar water heating systems usually cost more than installing a traditional water heating system. Nevertheless, solar water heating systems can prove cost-effective in the long run. However, how much you will save on solar water heaters depends on various parameters which include:

  1. The usage requirement
  2. Performance of the solar water heating system
  3. The geographic location and sun exposure
  4. Installation cost in the area
  5. Financial aid if available any

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Affordable Solar Panel Installation

Affordable Solar Panel InstallationWhen you want to reduce your carbon footprint and get a lot of savings from your monthly energy bill, switching to solar is the best way to go. A lot of property owners are already starting to use solar energy for their entire household. Some would rely on solar energy just for a portion of their energy consumption. Either way, these people are already starting to save on their energy bills. More importantly, they’re taking significant steps to become friendlier to the environment.

The main issue with switching to solar that a lot of people encounter is how challenging it gets to find an affordable solar panel installation. It’s true that jobs like these can get pretty costly, but it’s inevitable that you’re going to save a lot of money in the long run. However, this doesn’t change the fact that some people simply don’t have that money to spend now. Thankfully, there are some companies that can help you get better deals and packages.

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Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar Outdoor LightsWhen looking for improvements you can get done in your home for better energy-efficiency, you may start considering switching your regular exterior lighting to outdoor solar lights. There are plenty of solar light products on the market today and your choices are simply limitless. With different designs, colors and sizes to choose from, you can definitely transform your home’s exterior from nothing out of the ordinary to something that would wow your family and your guests.

Why You Need Outdoor Lighting

It is very important to invest on outdoor lighting. First of all, it will give you the light you need when you’re outside after the sun sets. You won’t have to trip on plants or stones just because you can’t see them in the dark. Furthermore, having a well-lit home is essential for you family’s safety. Intruders would think twice about entering a property that will certainly reveal their presence, just because your home stays bright even after dark. Continue reading

Solar Water Heaters

Building or refurbishing your home you may want to install energy-efficient appliances such a solar water heater. A water heater is one household appliance that alone consumes about 5,500 watts of energy annually, costing about $317 per family. Solar water heaters if installed can reduce power consumption and fuel cost by almost 50%.

Energy efficient appliances are increasingly replacing the conventional household appliances amid growing concern over global warming. Many American families have installed solar-powered products to reduce energy consumption and emission of CO2. So, if you are planning to go green and build a modern home here are a few things that you should know about solar water heaters.

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Solar Water Heaters

In the recent years, American home owners have made the switch to solar water heaters. When you learn the reasons why, you will want to make the switch yourselves.

Usually, the energy that is used to heat water is mainly sourced from fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned it releases carbon which is a green house gas that is a cause for global warming. The simple act of heating water in your home is a cause for long term impact on our environment. We’ve already caused enough damage and its time we minimize our carbon footprint further damage. This reason alone is a good reason to not use regular water heaters. With Solar water heaters, its energy source is the sun which is renewable and free. This means that not only do you have a water heater that is environment-friendly but also has low maintenance cost.

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Solar Equipment Maintenance

One reason that many solar panels do not work at peak efficiency is that they’re dirty. Many homeowners do not realize that occasional cleaning of your solar equipment is critical for proper performance. Many homeowners never do any cleaning or maintenance on their solar devices, and this is a truly big problem in terms of operating performance.

Part of the reason that this happens is because solar panels, solar water heaters, and solar pool heaters are oftentimes on the roof of your home and are not easy to access. Because of this many homeowners do not make the extra effort required to do the cleaning themselves. We have this problem with our own solar panels, so we hired a company that does professional cleaning on solar panels and other solar equipment. It has made a huge difference in how our equipment operates.

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