Easy Decluttering Tips for Beginners

decluttering tipsDoes your home feel cramped all the time? Do you ever wonder why there’s supposed to be a lot of space but it feels like you just have so many things lying around, which makes the area of your home feel so small? At times, cleaning up and organizing all the time won’t do the trick anymore. These easy decluttering tips below will certainly help you out.

Are you decluttering for the very first time? Truth be told, it gets challenging in the beginning especially if you don’t know where to start. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll certainly enjoy decluttering your home. Once your home is clutter-free, you will love staying indoors even more. Furthermore, decluttering will make cleaning your home easier! Here are some easy decluttering tips for beginners:

Bring out all the items kept in storage. The best way to free up storage space is by bringing all the items out. This way, you will find out the things you still want to keep and those you have to let go of. This will also help you know where the proper storage for similar items is.

Learn how to let go. The items you haven’t used for a year or several years have to go. You have to let go of them even if it means letting go of the sentimental value that comes with them. You may want to keep very few items for sentimental reasons but for most of the things that you simply don’t need anymore, just let go.

Organize using separate storage spaces. Shelves or drawers won’t do at this point. You need boxes of all sizes or trays that you can use to compartmentalize these shelves and cabinets. It would be easier to find the things you need next time.

Do it slowly but surely. Decluttering isn’t usually a one-day thing. It’s best to start now, continue doing it every day – slowly but surely!

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Toni Nowlin

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