Garage Insulation Basics

garage insulationThe garage is often an overlooked area of the house when it comes to saving on electricity. The reason being is that we rarely hang around our garages. We usually just park our car there and enter our home. Others use this area for storage and just go there when they need to get some of their things. However, it is important to know that insulation is also essential in our garages. We need to keep the garage warm to prevent wear and tear of our vehicle and its paint. Insulation of the garage can help in maintaining the garage temperature especially when it is extremely cold or hot outside.

Stop any cold air infiltrating into the garage area. Place weather-stripping down where the garage door meets the ground. For garage with a door entrance from the outside ensure the seal is intact and no air is passing through the frame. If required use expanding foam to fill in gaps. These are small steps that may cost around $80.

For people living in extreme cold or hot climate, it is highly important to have their garage insulated. There are five types of garage insulation one can opt for:

1. Fiberglass insulation: Fiberglass insulation is easily available in the market as pre-cut batts and long blankets for garages.

2. Cellulose Insulation: cellulose insulation is made up of recycled newspaper and is one of the most popular types of garage insulation.

3. Rigid Foam Insulation: Rigid foam sheets are also available in the market. The comes with a dimension of 4 x 8-foot and 1/2 inch to 4 inches of thickness.

4. Spray Foam Insulation: Spray foam is the most suitable types of insulation for air-sealing.

5. Garage Door Insulation: Air-sealing is particularly important for garage doors.

It is worth the money to have the garage insulated. You can always insulate your garage by yourself. But, it is better to have the job done by a professional as it may involve a lot of investment.

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