The Importance of Having an Insulated Home

Insulated HomeDoes your home have enough insulation? Insulation plays a very important role in every home when it comes to comfort and energy efficiency. Unless you were around when your home was built, then you probably know what kind of insulation was used and if high-quality materials are actually installed into your home. If not, proper inspection must be done to ensure that you have a properly insulated home.

There are many types of insulation available for homes – blown-in insulation, radiant barriers, fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation, and more. Some insulation materials, for instance radiant barriers, are exposed to the naked eye so you know exactly what you have and whether they’re still properly installed. When insulation is installed within walls and ceilings, it can be hard to tell whether they’re still working as efficiently.

It is important to have an insulated home because it adds a whole lot of comfort. Even without the HVAC system on, you can stay comfortable during cold and extremely hot seasons. When you need to turn the heater or AC on, they don’t need to be up high and significantly increase your energy costs. In summary, both comfort and energy reduction are the top reasons you should have a properly insulated home.

When in doubt, reach out to your local insulation contractor. Ask for them to inspect the insulation materials that are already installed, whether those are enough, or if you need to replace or add insulation materials. With their experience, expertise, and tools such as thermal cameras and other equipment, they can properly determine if your home is insulated the right way.

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Toni Nowlin

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