Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is a great way to not only make your carpets look clean and new, but more importantly to give them a good sterilization at least a few times each year. Carpets collect a lot of dirt, allergens, and bacteria over the course of time, and these can be very unhealthy for your family in your pets. This is why it is a good idea to give them a deep and thorough cleaning three or four times each year.

Carpets, due to the natural make-up of their fibers, are very good at collecting allergens and bacteria in a home or in a business. Traditional vacuuming will not remove these harmful pollutants, regardless of how many times you try to vacuum them out. The only way to effectively remove these particles is with professional cleaning equipment from a professional carpet cleaner. Vacuuming alone just does not have the technology and power to properly remove these contaminants.

We have a company, Daytona Carpet Cleaning, that comes to our home at least three or four times each year to give our carpets a thorough and deep cleaning. Their Daytona Beach carpet cleaning is really very powerful, and after they’re done our carpets look and smell just like new. But more importantly, we know that all of the dust, allergens, and bacteria are effectively removed from our carpet fibers, and this type of carpet cleaning in Daytona Beach, FL gives us peace of mind knowing that are home is free from these pollutants.

One thing I like about their cleaning technology is that they do not use excessive water during their cleaning, but rather a dry process that cleans just as well but does not saturate our carpets. This results in our carpets trying in a matter of two or 3 hours, and not being wet all day like the previous company that we used. We used to use another carpet cleaning company in Daytona Beach and after they were complete our carpets would be wet for several days. So we had to put down tarps all around our home so wet carpets would not get dirty it again.
One of the biggest advantages to professional carpet cleaning is removing the pollutants. If you have bacteria and allergens embedded in your carpet around your home, then there’s no way to have a clean and healthy living environment. These pollutants not only contaminate the carpet that they’re on but they also contaminate the air that you breathe. This is why it is imperative to have these nasty particles thoroughly removed at least several times a year.

It does cost a little more than your average cleaning by a maid or a maid service, but it is well worth the extra expense to have your carpets look like new, and to know that they are clean and free from damaging particles and damaging pollutants that can affect not only your entire family but also your pets.

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Toni Nowlin

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