Seed Types for Home Garden Use

The real difference between seeds and seedlings is that seeds are embryonic plants covered with seed coats (outer layer), and are planted in the ground to develop new plants, while seedlings are actually young plants. When seeds are sprouted in your home garden, they become seedling. Biologically, seeds are more effective for planting in the inside on your home; on the other hand, seedlings are suitable for both inside and outside. Seedlings need “hardening” prior to the outside plantation. Seeds, on the other hand, are best germinated to make seedlings by covering them in a wet paper towel, or in an indoor seed tray.  Learn more about seedlings here.

Completely Different

Gardeners easily identify seeds, as well as the seedling, without any trouble, as both are extremely different in appearance because of different development stages of their lives. Seedlings are young plants, typically composed of a single stem following a couple of tiny leaves. Seeds are hard and small, usually black or brown color. Basically, seeds are just like eggs inside a female’s womb, as well as seedlings are like developing fetus. Obviously, the components or ingredients within a particular type of seed and seedlings are the same; however, they are not the same due to their stage of development. If you are planning to grow vegetables at home in a home garden, it would be recommended to learn the difference.


Of course, the variations in caring also come from the natural differences between seedlings and seeds. For instance, an indoor environment in your home or home’s back patio are ideal for developing a seed into a seedling due to more control over the usual environmental factors like moisture, sunlight, and temperature. The germination process can be started by planting seeds in the soil through a seed tray or placing them in a moist paper towel. Keep in mind that seeds are sensitive and need more care while growing or germinating. Due to their sensitivity level, they can be damaged by a lot of factors, so proper care is necessary, and always use the comfort of your home’s controlled environment to facilitate proper growth.


The seedlings as well as the seeds should be grown differently according to the different factors. However, seedlings are usually ideal outside, such as your home’s backyard garden. Why? Because it allows more exposure to sunlight and enables the seedlings to grow more quickly and much larger. There is a process called “hardening” which should be followed for a smooth transition. Before moving the seedlings outside forever, this process is endured, which is completed by taking the seedling outside in the day and bringing them into your home before night.

One of the major differences between seeds and seedlings is, seeds are better covered while seedling can get hurt if covered. Seedlings can be easily damaged due to humidity, which result in producing many kinds of aphids and fungi. Once the seeds are sprouted, they’ll become seedling and they require fresh air. Both are ideal for growth and germination at your home, it is simply a question of whether it is inside and in your backyard garden outside.

Now that we have discussed garden seeds, click here to learn about lawn seeds.

Toni Nowlin

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