Solar Water Heaters

Building or refurbishing your home you may want to install energy-efficient appliances such a solar water heater. A water heater is one household appliance that alone consumes about 5,500 watts of energy annually, costing about $317 per family. Solar water heaters if installed can reduce power consumption and fuel cost by almost 50%.

Energy efficient appliances are increasingly replacing the conventional household appliances amid growing concern over global warming. Many American families have installed solar-powered products to reduce energy consumption and emission of CO2. So, if you are planning to go green and build a modern home here are a few things that you should know about solar water heaters.

How Does Solar Water Heater Works?

A solar water heater traps sunlight with the help of a collector which convert the sunlight into heat. The heat is passed to a water tank through a circulating pump.

Do Solar Water Heaters Work At Night And Rainy Season?

The collector works in both cloudy and sunny weather. However, its efficiency is at its peak in summer. If the sunlight is insufficient the water is preheated. The backup system takes over to bring the water to the required temperature without emitting CO2.

How Long Solar Water Heaters Last?

Solar heaters can last from 20 to 30 years depending on its usage. They are durable and require regular maintenance and inspections to ensure their effective operation.


A modern home is not just about luxurious products.  It is actually about having eco-friendly products installed for a good overall health of the family.  The conventional water heaters installed in homes may look small in sizes their role in overall energy consumption is quite noteworthy. Solar water heaters work smartly reducing the fuel consumption and ensuring an eco-friendly ambience.

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Toni Nowlin

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