Solar Water Heaters

In the recent years, American home owners have made the switch to solar water heaters. When you learn the reasons why, you will want to make the switch yourselves.

Usually, the energy that is used to heat water is mainly sourced from fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned it releases carbon which is a green house gas that is a cause for global warming. The simple act of heating water in your home is a cause for long term impact on our environment. We’ve already caused enough damage and its time we minimize our carbon footprint further damage. This reason alone is a good reason to not use regular water heaters. With Solar water heaters, its energy source is the sun which is renewable and free. This means that not only do you have a water heater that is environment-friendly but also has low maintenance cost.

While regular water heaters cost a few hundred dollars a month to use, solar water heaters cost almost nothing to use. When you use solar water heaters, you can expect a significant drop in your electric or gas utility bills every month – think approx 50% savings! Although the initial cost of installing solar water heaters is significant, the money you save monthly makes the investment very well worth it.

If you are skeptical about making the investment, it might be good to note that there are federal tax credits given to those who install solar powered water heaters and on top of that there may even be local or state tax credits depending on your state. This means that you get back a portion of your installation cost. Depending on where you live, you can possibly get half or more than half of the investment you made. When you take this in consideration plus the monthly savings you get from utility bills, it’s hard not to make the switch to solar heaters.

Here is a great video on solar water heaters:


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Toni Nowlin

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